Wandering Arts

This identity design was created for a Washington, DC based abstract artist, whose theme is illusion abstract pour art.

Samantha Grey Photography

Samantha Grey, a wedding photographer from India, requested an identity that conveyed sophistication and elegance while using a

common Indian motif.​

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Samantha Grey Branding
Ashlin Rozen Identity

Identity design for a hair stylist.

Sean Church

Identity Design for a film maker. The circular frame with increments refer to a camera lens. I designed the lettering used in this logotype.

Barristers for the Brave

Barristers for the Brave was a non-profit organization that provided free legal services for veterans.


This project was a purely experimental project on the matter of typography.

The fusion I create between modern day communication, pure human emotion and typography resulted in these portraits. These portraits are a visual commentary on how the average user uses type to visually convey their emotions.

This involves matching the anatomy of a letter with the anatomy of the human face. 

Art and Design Auction Catalog

The design for this catalogue for an annual fundraiser, was based on the featured artist who’s motif was patterned screens. The design also follows the branding rules of the client’s organization. In this commission, I was in charge of collecting all data, formatting all files, designing and sending the

document to print. 

DCCC POTUS Event Invitations