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UX Design

Role: Senior UX Designer - 80% Conceptualization

Team: 4 Members (Project Manager, Two Senior Graphic Designers, Web Developer, and Subject Matter Experts (SME's)

Home Page.png
Reporting dashboard.png

Role: Art Director &  Senior UX Designer - 90% Conceptualization

Team: 4 Members (Web Developer, Founder/CEO, Project Manager,

and UX/Graphic Designer

VechFlow Home_Mockup_2.png
VechFlow Pages_Mockup_4.png
VechFlow Pages.png
Home Page-Splash – Op2.png
Profile Settings.png
Page 2.png
Settings Menu.png
Motorist 1.png
Search Specialist.png

Landing Page Designs

Role: Senior Graphic Designer 100% Concept to Completion

MoovWeb Mockup 1.png
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