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Creative Writing



You can say that 

you lost pieces of yourself 

in all of your travels, 

Leaving pieces of your heart

in beautiful towns and cities.

But you know that 

with all that you lost 

you gained in gifts.


Gifts of knowledge 

from their history,

Wisdom from their experience,

Empathy from their perspective,

And love from their hospitality.


You travel enough

Lose yourself enough 

and win them into your heart 

To realize that we’re all one people.


[one love]



My hunger for achievement 

is not driven by money, 

status, or luxury. 

Nor for anyone else. 

As my own harshest and loving critic, 

my goal everyday is to impress myself

Don’t try to reach for the moon 

that floats among the distant stars. 

Shoot for the moon 

who is glowing within your heart.

Year 2020


The Sun and the Moon fell out of balance,

The Earth hobbled inside the abyss,

It seemed as though the stars went dim 

and lost their luster.

Yet we harnessed all the power within 

to see the brighter side of things.

We made ourselves tools, gadgets, rose-tinted glasses,

We hoped and dreamed without the clouds and skies,

We imagined within our hearts and minds 

a better place where we can thrive.

We worked on our passions, our souls, and ourselves,

And with enough tears paired with gleaming smiles, 

With enough courage in kind words, 

enough love in benevolent giving,

Everything began to align.



Your flaws are just your strengths in progress.

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